Switzerland needs to become a world-leader for digitisation and innovation in the financial industry. The newly established “Swiss Fintech Innovations” association is pursuing this goal.

With Swiss Fintech Innovations, leading companies in the financial market place are joining forces and ensuring direct contact between the financial sector, financial technology companies (Fintech startups), the scientific community, service providers, organisations, authorities and policy makers. Their aim is to create a joint platform for the whole spectrum of forward-looking Fintech initiatives and activities in Switzerland and, by doing so, to actively promote the digitisation of the financial industry.

Swiss Fintech Innovations is focussing on attracting and promoting (young) innovative companies and professionals, promoting direct interdisciplinary collaboration between the business and scientific communities, supporting the best regulatory frameworks and technical standards, as well as pursuing joint research and development projects. The strengths and advantages of the Fintech centre in Switzerland also need to be communicated effectively at a national and international level. Close collaboration is also planned with the Swiss Fintech Research Lab, which is currently under construction at the University of Zurich, as well as with existing and future innovation labs, accelerators, funding programmes and investors.

Broad Support

Swiss Fintech Innovations is supported by its member companies, both financially and operationally. At the time of its founding these companies include Credit Suisse, Helvetia Insurance, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Lombard Odier, Raiffeisen, SIX Group, Swiss Life, Bank Vontobel and Zürcher Kantonalbank. These member companies ensure links with the Fintech industry, the scientific community, trade associations and the public domain. This core group of founding members guarantees broad support for the association. They are aiming to strengthen their support base in all parts of the country. Accession talks are already being held with a range of companies and institutions.

Supporters of Swiss Fintech Innovations

Daniel Heinzmann (Zürcher Kantonalbank), President of Swiss Fintech Innovations: “Digitisation will have a strong impact on the financial industry. A high-performing and strong Swiss Fintech sector will, therefore, guarantee further successful development in the financial market place. Swiss Fintech Innovations brings together forces, which are driving this development and, in doing so, wish to strengthen the Swiss economy.”

Rudolf J. Kurtz (Raiffeisen Schweiz), Vice President of Swiss Fintech Innovations: “Banks have to be right at the cutting edge of digital development. The financial industry will continue to change in the long term. We aspire to meet the needs of customers in the future at any time and across all channels. With Swiss Fintech Innovations we are combining our strengths and contributing to an effective and appealing financial and economic centre in Switzerland.”

Thorsten Hens (University of Zurich, Swiss Fintech Innovation Lab), Board Member at Swiss Fintech Innovations: “Close and direct collaboration between the business and scientific communities gives the Fintech centre in Switzerland a significant and perhaps even decisive advantage in international competition.”

Gian Reto à Porta (Founder & CEO of Contovista, Board Member at Swiss Finance Startups), Member of the Advisory Board at Swiss Fintech Innovations: “Simple and direct access to the financial industry, investors and authorities is of the highest importance for Fintech startups. Swiss Fintech Innovations is bringing us a critical step closer to this.”

Regine Sauter (Director at the Zurich Chamber of Commerce, Member of the National Council), Member of the Advisory Board at Swiss Fintech Innovations: “Switzerland is a world-leading financial market place and, at the same time, one of the most innovative countries in the world. It provides the perfect base for establishing a successful financial technology centre. We must take this opportunity. The broadly supported collaboration at Swiss Fintech Innovations provides us with the best conditions for doing so.”


Christian Bretscher, Member of the Advisory Board at Swiss Fintech Innovations Phone 043 244 55 83, e-mail media@swissfintechinnovations.ch

Management Board
Daniel Heinzmann (Zürcher Kantonalbank), President
Rudolf Kurtz (Raiffeisen), Vice President
Marco Abele (Credit Suisse)
Lamine Brahimi (Lombard Odier)
Thorsten Hens (Swiss Fintech Research Lab)
Matthias Müller (SIX Group)
Daniela Maag (Helvetia Insurance)
Fabian Müri (Swiss Life)
Christof Naef (Bank Vontobel)
Marianne Wildi (Hypothekarbank Lenzburg)

Advisory Board
Abraham Bernstein (University of Zurich)
Andreas Dietrich (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
Christian Bretscher (Zurich Banking Association)
Oliver Gassmann (HSG)
Gian Reto à Porta (Swiss Finance Startups)
Regine Sauter (Zurich Chamber of Trade)
Florian von Wangenheim (ETH)
Eva May (Business and Economic Development Division of the Canton of Zurich)

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