Swiss Fintech Innovations Working Group Interviews – Digital Identity, Trust & Privace with Jürg Anderegg (ZKB)

Hi Jürg, please introduce yourself and your rolewithin the working group

I started my career with a solid software engineering education (AXA) and a federal diploma in Information Management. After more than 10 years as owner of a Software Development Company I was engaged a couple of years with EY (Ernst&Young) as a CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) in several audit and advisory mandates. Joining ZKB in 2010 I established Identity & Access Management on a ERBAC (Enterprise Role Base Access Control) and process oriented way. Beside my demanding job as Head of IAM in ZKB and Project Leader for next generation IAM I’m leading the SFTI working group on Digital Identity, Trust and Privacy.


Picture Jürg Anderegg, Head of IAM and Project Leader Digital Identity, Trust and Privacy working group for Swiss Fintech Innovations

Why is this topic relevant for digital innovation in the financial industry in general and our members in particular?

Key to a global digital workplace from a consumer perspective is easy and user-friendly onboarding to services. Consumers expect to use only one identity to access as much services as possible. Nowadays they don’t want to remember dozens of passwords and they expect that security is assured. Currently there have been started a number of national and international initiatives to bring up this crucial basis in order to enable digital services market places with a convenient user experience. Digital Identity, Trust and Privacy is an enabler to provide services to a broad number of consumers and a topic Swiss Financial Institutions should collaborate on establishing a National Trusted Identity Provider. By working together, we can provide our customers easy access to our new services.

What to you hope to achieve with this working group?

The working group has three main goals:

  • Get a clear understanding of current initiatives, regulations and available implementations on Swiss Identity Providers supporting onboarding and security requirements of the Financial Industry
  • Define requirements for a National Trusted Identity Provider that meets Financial Industries needs and could be a basis for FinTech-Startups to simplify a go-to-market for new services
  • Conclude on recommendations to the board which enables our partners to invest on implement the first (and only) Identity Provider for Switzerland

To achieve those goals, the group divided the work into a number of subtopics: Identity, Signature, Storage and Data, Governance, Technology and Rules.

What are critical success factors and challenges in achieving this?

As currently a number of initiatives have been started with more or less support from industries it is crucial that we set a clear focus in our activities. Also, it is important to talk to all revelant players within the ecosystem. As this topic is highly relevant for the outcome of other working groups an open exchange with other work group leaders is essential. In addition, there is a gap between formal studies (e.g. WEF blueprint) and current implementation work without appropriate business support.

What did you already achieve?

  • Kickoff and first project meeting performed, next meeting planned for October
  • Created a shared understanding of the basics of IDP service, the benefits of this to the industry
  • Defined the IPD-model appropriate to be separated into sub-topics
  • Nominated sub-topic workgroup teams and detailed goals and deliverables per sub-topic
  • Investigated current initiatives and met several different players in this market