SFTI with cheeky initiative at Finance 2.0

The Finance 2.0 2017 was focused on AI and Digital Identity. More than 400 visitors came to Schiffbau in Zürich. SFTI was there with a cheeky initiative.

The event started with a great opening speech by Pascal Kaufmann, CEO & Founder of Starmind telling the audience about his vision of the artificial intelligence backed by his experience as a neurobiologist. The winners of the SIX Hackathon, which took place 3 days before the event, where brought on stage to present their idea and showed the impact 3 days of coding could make.

Swiss Fintech Innovations was at the event with a photo booth where the visitors could print their own fake digital identity and get a first glimpse of what the future could be like. Everyone with a fake digital id had the chance to win a prize.

It was, as always, an inspiring event with a lot of opportunities to meet and connect with new ideas, digital shapers and the financial industry in Switzerland.

The day ended with Sina Reubelt from Fintech Lichtenstein winning the SFTI prize – a GoPro5.