In recent months, SFTI’s representatives have intensively addressed the question of how to jointly create added value for people in Switzerland in the pension environment.

The issue of old-age provision is a constant topic on the political agenda and in the media, particularly in view of the current interest rate situation (negative interest rates) and demographic trends (population ageing) and the resulting need for reform. According to „CS Sorgenbarometer“ and other surveys, the issue of pension provision is the number one concern among the Swiss population.

Many young Swiss people in particular do not seem to be concerned with the issue, or only very superficially. And this despite the fact that it is precisely these generations that will suffer most from the backlog of reforms.

One reason for this is certainly that the tried and tested three-pillar pension system in Switzerland with its various private and state providers has reached a considerable degree of complexity. For example, the income to be expected in old age across all three pillars cannot be predicted or can only be predicted with considerable effort.

The SFTI working group will make a significant contribution to introducing the required and desired transparency and is therefore implementing the project for a “SWISS PENSIONS-COCKPIT”.

The digital “SWISS PENSIONS-COCKPIT” is intended to provide people in Switzerland with a simple and easy way of making offer a comprehensive overview of their pension situation (1st-3rd pillar).

To this end, a platform is being designed that integrates all relevant providers. In the future, people in Switzerland will know at any time what pension income they can expect in old age and will be able to recognise at an early stage where action is needed.

In addition, the “SWISS PENSIONS-COCKPIT” also provides access to information opportunities on the 3-pillar strategy, related changes and provider-neutral information on new innovative products and services in the area of old-age provision.

The project set up by SFTI includes leading banks as well as leading insurance companies in Switzerland.  In addition, the early involvement of politicians was carried out.

Regular exchanges have been agreed with other relevant institutions (authorities, universities, data protection officers, associations, etc.) in order to discover and exploit synergies, identify and remove obstacles at an early stage and provide the Swiss* with the best possible information service.