Vision of Tokenized Finance

The tokenization market is developing at a fast pace and new secondary markets are created for digital asset classes. Hence, the tokenization landscape is continuously growing and evolving.

Due to the existence and emergence of parallel markets, tokenization platforms and other initiatives in the field, we feel it is necessary to define a clear set of success factors for a mature tokenized financial industry.

With this project we aim to:

  • Demonstrate the leadership position of Switzerland in the tokenization industry and define what it takes to maintain this position;
  • Formulate a common vision on the developing direction of tokenized finance, which can be followed and applied as a market guidance;
  • Identify innovation potential on the tokenized finance market and present existing hurdles on delivering the vision, which leads to new business opportunities for the SFTI members;
  • Identify and define the target groups’ needs and requirements for tokenization market adaptation (e.g. personas)
  • Create a basis for discussions around the topic.