Tokenization of Digital Assets

The working group Tokenization of Digital Assets deals with the current status of solutions developed on the Swiss market in relation to the DLT legislation (Swiss Framework Legislation on the Distributed Ledger Technology), the civil law part of which already came into force on February 1, 2021 with the financial market law expected to be implemented in mid-2021.

The scope of this project was to examine the solutions for issuing and transferring shares of three companies in digital form and to summarize the findings into a report. With this report, our thoughts, and findings on tokenized assets in general will be presented, as well as insights gained in the course of the project regarding the three solutions researched from an economictechnologicalacademic and legal perspective. It is important to note that the three practical examples examined do not represent all the solutions available on the market. The working group also does not claim to rank/evaluate the solutions. Rather, the aim is to show a potential range of implementations of the new legal basis in practice and to provide suggestions as to which components should be given special attention in an evaluation. This report can therefore be understood as a kind of guideline for a first approach to the topic with three illustrative examples from practice.

The companies that participated gave us very valuable and interesting insights into this topic. Here are some statements from the participants:

Seamus Donoghue, VP of Strategic Alliances at METACO commented:

“We are thrilled to have worked with SFTI on this report outlining how distributed ledger technologies are transforming the financial services industry and their value to companies and institutions of all sizes. Research and innovation is a core part of our philosophy at METACO and we are deeply committed to advancing the understanding and adoption of distributed ledger technologies through joint industry initiatives, thought leadership, research and education. As a leading digital asset infrastructure provider to institutions, both in Switzerland and internationally, we see significant synergies through our work with the SFTI to further accelerate the understanding, adoption, and innovation in digital assets globally.”


Hans-Peter Gier, Founder & CEO at Trustwise commented:

“We are grateful to the diligent project team of SFTI for letting us take on the challenge of being intensely screened and producing such an elaborate report. It was a pleasure responding to the very detailed questions of the SFTI team on the various dimensions of the tokenisation of digital assets ranging from blockchain governance over technical and business to legal aspects. We are honoured to be part of the market survey and look forward to contribute to the Swiss Fintech Innovations movement.”


Claudio Tognella, Partner- und Key Account Manager at daura commented:

“daura is pleased about the SFTI’s appreciation of DLT innovation for the financial marketplace. daura acknowledges the importance of compatibility with existing infrastructure and also propagates an interoperable ecosystem to the benefit of all players in the market – new, existing, large, and small.”


Management Summary (English)

Management Summary (German)

Report available upon request