Future Finance

What will change, what will probably stay the way it is? Where must or can new services be created?

Innovation also means dealing with the future.

The “Future Finance” working group, in which most of the SFTI members (banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions) work together, deals with various future scenarios and their possible impact on the financial industry and its services in 2030.

In different workshops the working group analyses, discusses and develops conceivable scenarios of possible future lifestyles along the areas of “Family and Social”, “Living”, “Government”, “Mobility”, “Health”, “Education”, “Leisure” and “Work.” Behavioral economic aspects, technological influence and other developments are taken into account.

The aim is to develop a maximum of 7 future scenarios along various probability levels by means of workshops, research, review of existing studies and external expert support in order to determine their potential impact on today’s financial services.

This should provide a basis for discussion with stakeholders in the entire ecosystem and thus make the Swiss financial centre “fit” for the future as a FinTech location.