Collaboration Models

A project by #FinTank FHNW, Swiss Fintech Innovations and Swiss Bankers Association

Let’s take the topic of Open Finance, i.e. the (in some cases cross-sector) exchange of data at the request of customers, which has developed internationally primarily as a result of regulatory requirements. In the meantime, however, the advantages of Open Finance for customers, the economy and society have also been recognized in Switzerland and are being demanded with increasing vigor.

Open Finance is still in its infancy in Switzerland. The new business models are currently being examined in depth, primarily from a technical perspective, with SFTI’s Common API working group playing a central role in the standardization of API interfaces, security recommendations, etc., and thus providing an important building block for Open Finance in Switzerland (see also the media releases of the Swiss Bankers Association and SFTI dated March 4, 2021). However, fundamental work on the various collaboration models and resulting data flows from a legal and economic perspective is only rudimentary for Switzerland. This makes understanding between the individual market participants difficult and creates legal uncertainty, which further complicates cooperation.

This is where the “Collaboration Models” project currently launched by #FinTank comes in. A project in collaboration with Swiss FinTech Innovations (SFTI), supported by the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters (SIF). A holistic overview based on fundamental scientific work on the possible collaboration models is intended to provide clarity, mutual understanding and thus a basis for upcoming strategic decisions by market participants and the authorities.

The overview will be developed in three dimensions. Different cooperation models are to be presented, variants for creating trust are to be shown and the views of the various players involved are to be recorded. More detailed information on the project can be found in the following presentation:

Project Collaboration Models – joint forces (PDF)

Collaboration Models_Presentation

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