The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a relatively young technology, to which not only, but particularly in the financial sector much potential is attributed. The concrete application of these technologies, often called blockchains, confronts companies with very different challenges. Numerous technological, social, economic and regulatory aspects have to be analysed and taken into account.

With the opening of the project in September 2018, SFTI is launching various initiatives in the field of DLT. For example, experts are invited to write short articles or to collect and prepare input on the opinions of the Regulations Working Group. In addition, a conference will be organised in the first half of 2019 at which international exchange can also take place (further information will follow).

The aim is to initiate selective and targeted actions which will enable our members to approach the subject of DLT from different perspectives, whereby both the “flight altitude” and the form of knowledge exchange vary again and again.

Zusammenfassung Artikel Blockchain Datenschutz
Summary article Blockchain data protection

The CV Summit, November 7th in Zug.

The Blockchain Competition and Blockchain Summit, the CV Summit, will take place this November for the 2nd time in Zug. On November 7th the Theater Zug will again be filled with newbies, business people, experts and start-ups and will follow exciting panels and keynotes on the topic of blockchain and finance. At the end of the day, one of the startups that applied for the competition in advance will be able to go home with the winning prize. While in 2017, when the competition took place for the first time, everything revolved around the topic blockchain and insurance, this year Finance will focus on everything. We are very happy to support this event and are already looking forward to an inspiring day in the Crypto Valley.