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Vision for a Swiss digital identity

Switzerland is to receive a standardised digital identity (e-Identity or eID) by 2019. The goal is a solution that will be useful for all Swiss citizens and that will work with every IT system from industry, trade and public authorities. 

This digital identity should enable Swiss people in future to use online services securely and easily. At the same time, users are to have complete control over their data at all times. To this end, the industry association Swiss Fintech Innovations (SFTI) is now calling for joint approaches to finding a solution.

Leading companies from the Swiss financial centre are combining their strengths with Swiss Fintech Innovations and ensuring direct dialogue between the financial sector, financial technology (Fintech), science and service providers, as well as public authorities and politics. In a SFTI expert group, the member companies have already performed foundation work for a Swiss e-Identity.

Together with the recently presented joint venture “SwissSign AG” from Swiss Post and SBB, the UBS eID initiative, SIX and Identitätsverbund Schweiz (Identity Association Switzerland), the players are now calling for joint work on solutions with the goal of a uniform Swiss e-Identity. In an open working group with as many companies as possible, a coordinated solution is to be realised by 2019. Swiss Fintech Innovations as an independent industry association will combine and coordinate the efforts of all parties.


Voices for a joint vision

Daniel Gruber from the Swiss Federal Office of Justice FOJ/FDJP:

“Through its legislation the Confederation intends to lay the foundation for cross-industry solutions that are broadly supported. In addition to data security, users are to benefit above all from simple, highly trustworthy solutions that can then stand their ground in the market. From our perspective, the SFTI initiative is certainly a valuable approach.”


Nicolas Bürer, DigitalSwitzerland:

“I very much welcome the initiative of Swiss Fintech Innovations to campaign for a joint vision of a Swiss e-Identity and – to this end – to invite all the important players to the table.”


Markus Naef, SwissSign AG:

“SwissID forms a basis for the digitisation of Switzerland, through which we are creating a long overdue service for all citizens, the Confederation and companies. The open system of SwissID links people and applications not only with their own data or services. It is also open for the seamless integration of further services from third-party partners such as banks or insurance companies. We support the initiative of SFTI and are ready to get actively involved and to put forward our solutions.”


Andreas Kubli, UBS AG:

“What’s important is that we learn from Paymit/Twint and from the beginning design a solution that will find the broadest acceptance – both among customers as well as from all industry partners involved. This broad support among industry partners is also important so that the solution finds as many users as possible. It is a very welcome development that the efforts that UBS initiated with CS and Swisscom are now flowing into a platform in the shape of SFTI that unites an extensive number of banks.”


Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Swisscom:

“In Switzerland we are working to combine our strengths. With this in mind we are very happy to support the vision of SFTI and will get actively involved. A federal eID solution must be easily integrated and usable for all institutions and clients and must also spread rapidly.
Accordingly, in collaboration with banks we are striving for the development of a digital broker platform. This will link identity providers, trusted parties and merchants and unite solutions for authentication, electronic signatures and payment.”


Thomas Puschmann, Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab of the University of Zurich:

“A digital identity is the ‘key’ for all digital services in Switzerland. It not only forms the basis for implementing existing services but also for researching future innovative areas of application. Switzerland can position itself internationally with this and benefit from a uniform solution on a large scale.”



Patrick Baumberger, Vice President SFTI,

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