Zug, Switzerland – 19 February 2018 – Swiss FinTech Innovations (SFTI), the leading Swiss association of financial institutions supporting innovation in the financial sector has announced a partnership with inacta AG to explore and promote blockchain technology in Switzerland. The first step in the cooperation between SFTI and inacta will be the former’s sponsorship and engagement in the 2018 edition of the Blockchain Competition – Blockchain for Finance, initiated and organized by inacta and Lakeside Partners.

The past year has seen exponential growth in the number of blockchain- and crypto-based startups settling in the area in and around Zug, where inacta is located. Many of these companies bring new and sometimes revolutionary applications of distributed ledger technology to the areas of micro payments, lending and asset management. As a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association and Genesis Member of the Crypto Valley Labs, inacta is uniquely situated in the middle of these happening.

The partnership between SFTI and inacta will allow the former’s more than 17members – of banks and insurance companies – to access this dynamic ecosystem and learn from the most innovative companies coming to Switzerland from all over the world.

Patrick Baumberger, president of SFTI commented on the cooperation, “Some of the greatest, most dynamic innovation in finance is coming from the blockchain and crypto world – and we see this as a valuable opportunity to engage with it and learn from it.”

The first edition of the Blockchain Competition focused on the insurance industry attracted applications from more than 30 different countries. Its second edition promises to provide an even greater international reach and opportunity for SFTI members to see first-hand what innovations are being developed for the finance industry and engage in an effective screening process of those companies which it may invest in using blockchain-based crowdfunding.

Furthermore SFTI and Inacta are working together on educational Events on Blockchain technology for the co-workers of the members.

Daniel Rutishauser, Head of Blockchain and Financial Services at inacta sees this as great benefit for both parties, “Things change so fast in the blockchain space – we all have to keep up with the latest developments. So we look forward to bringing our first-hand experience of working with startups to bear and give the SFTI a closer look at what is happening ‘on the ground’ so to speak.”

An independant, Swiss IT consulting firm, inacta AG is located in Zug and employs more than 40 experienced digital consulting experts supporting a wide range of organisations from the insurance, banking and healthcare industries. Its clients benefit from inacta’s high level of professionalism as well as its use of proven implementation methods, innovative solutions, and the most modern technologies pertaining to the digital transformation process. Reliable and trustworthy cooperation, flexibility and comprehensive professional expertise guarantee the success of each and every project undertaken. inacta is participating in the Crypto Valley Association as a founding member and is an active contributor to the continued economic prominence of Switzerlandogether with Lakeside Partners AG (early-stage Investments in technology startups) and Lakeside Business Center AG (modern office space), inacta AG makes up an integral part of an innovative entrepreneurial enterprise group.


Contact details

Daniel Rutishauser

Head of Blockchain & Financial Services

Email: daniel.rutishauser@inacta.ch

Phone: 079 419 98 48


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