2nd Blockchain Member Event, March 23rd 2018, Zug CryptoValley Labs

First Part
Future of Blockchain and Intro BCC4F” Ralf Glabischnig, inacta
Smart Contracts: insights and challenges” Petar Tsankov, ETH
Bitcoin” Roger Darin, Bitcoin Association

Second Part
Best Practices for Blockchain Projects” Daniel Rutishauser, inacta
Ricardian Projects” Dennis Knochenwefel, Reportics
“Technology Regulated Investment Funds” Mona El Isa, melonport (Presentation will follow asap)
Decentralized inventory to protect property” Team of Dezos
Alethena, ISO & Post-ICO rating” Team of Equility

Crypto Currencies & Blockchain Member Event, February 2nd 2018, Zurich Technopark

Main Session: Innovate & Disrupt
Why Blockchain is important” Lamine Brahimi, Lombard Odier & Vice-President SFTI
How to embrace Blockchain Crypto Valley and more” Dolfi Müller, Stadtpräsident Zug
What is Blockchain about and what we do” Rapf Glabischnig, inacta AG

Breakout Regulations & Interpretations
Possible Framework of Tokens under Swiss Law” Ronald Kogens, Froriep
Crypto Currencies and ICOs – a Tax perspective” Thomas Linder, MME
KYC and AML for ICOs – a practical overview” Alexander Vogel & Reto Luthiger, MLL