Finnova is joining Swiss Fintech Innovations.

Since 1974, Finnova has stood for innovative banking solutions – in development, in operation and in advisory. With the Finnova Banking Software, the Finnova Community can reap the benefits of a high-performance and reliable banking platform, which can be used end-to-end for various business models thanks to its wide range of functions, resulting in an attractive total cost of ownership.

The Finnova platform is open to third-party applications, so that banks can differentiate themselves on the market in the era of digitalisation. Finnova also offers complete flexibility in choosing the most appropriate operating model for the bank, whether individual installation, multi-tenant installation or BPO services, supported by the operating partner selected.

«Finnova has been actively shaping the topic of OpenFinance for several years. In view of the increasingly dynamic development of demand for OpenFinance offerings, the call for scalable, secure solutions is growing. In this context, the standardization of the required APIs plays a crucial role. Together with SFTI and its members, we want to make our contribution here», says Sven Biellmann, Open Finance Lead at Finnova.

Welcome to the SFTI community!