In December 2022, the Federal Council has mandated the Federal Department of Home Affairs to examine how digital access to retirement provision data can be appropriately promoted. SFTI is keen to support the authorities and to contribute sustainably to this important endeavor. Therefore, SFTI is launching both a survey and a new working group on that specific topic called Open Pension. The goal is to produce a contentrich and solutionoriented position paper on Open Pension by the end of Q1 2024. As part of this endeavor, we aim to understand all interested parties’ perspectives. This will allow us to produce and propose potential answers to open questions based on a holistic view. With this public call for participation, we hereby invite all interested parties to join the effort by contributing to the survey and/or by becoming part of the new SFTI Open Pension working group. 

SFTI Open Pension Survey 

SFTI Open Pension aims to support the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) and the State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) by creating a position paper that contains not only initial stakeholder positions but also strategic options on how to address open questions. The position paper shall support the decision-making process of the Federal Council. Representatives from FSIO and SIF have been informed about this project and have expressed a clear interest in its outcomes, underscoring its relevance. 

The Open Pension Survey is our first action point to gain insights. This public survey aims to build a shared understanding of the current perspectives, concerns, thoughts and open questions of the diverse stakeholder groups within the pension landscape regarding the potential digital opening of pension data. The survey insights will be combined with the valuable knowledge from the research project DIBS. 


About the Survey 

Who can contribute?  The survey is open to all interested organizations. 
What is the survey about?  The survey will focus on gaining an overview on current stakeholder perspectives towards the target state of Open Pension (“what”), the underlying motives and expected benefits (“why”), potential operating models and governance (“who”), potential technical solutions (“how”), and potential timeline (“when”). 
When will the survey be online?  The survey will be open for responses from 15th November to 15th December 2023.  
What will happen with the results?  Aggregated survey results will be published on the SFTI website. Among others, they shall serve as a foundation for a planned SFTI Open Pension position paper to be developed in a subsequent project phase, tentatively commencing in Q1 2024. 
Will my answers remain anonymous?  Yes. Results will be published in an aggregated, anonymized way. Your individual responses are made visible only to the SFTI Open Pension project team.  


SFTI Open Pension Working Group

The newly established SFTI Open Pension working group aims ultimately to facilitate the digital availability of pension data across all pillars within Switzerland – starting with the second pillar. The mission is driven by the need to empower Swiss-based people to easily access and share their pension data. By doing so, individuals will gain a well-founded understanding of their current financial situation and enhance their retirement planning. 

With this new working group, we are repositioning the topic of Open Pension in a holistic and solution-neutral way. The previous findings of our Pension Cockpit and OpenPK working groups will be combined. The established and successfully implemented OpenPK API standard is transitioning to SFTI Common API under the lead of Jürgen Petry, where it will be managed and life-cycled as a stream.   

In a first step, the Open Pension working group will serve as a sounding board to support the SFTI Open Pension project team in developing the planned Open Pension position paper.  

The SFTI Open Pension core project team consists of representatives from SFTI and Acrea. It is led by Michael Müller, Partner at Acrea and former lead of the SFTI OpenPK working group.  

SFTI Open Pension invited all interested organizations to join the working group. Further information and questions have been discussed in two kick-off calls on November 14th and 15th, 2023. Please find the slides of the kick-off call here. We look very much forward to having you on board as a valuable contributor to this initiative. Thank you.